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Kings River Fisheries Management Program

KRWA is a partner with the Kings River Conservation District and California Department of Fish and Game in the innovative Kings River Fisheries Management Program. The program is also supported through enthusiastic participation among members of a Public Advisory Group. Since the program was established in 1999, KRWA member units have voluntarily provided large amounts of water and other resources to enhance the river's fishery habitat. Many physical improvements to habitat have been made, including a spawning-rearing channel separate from the main river. The Fisheries Management program provides:

  • A model cooperative program between water users, water agencies, the angling public and other Kings River stakeholders to enhance the river's fishery and riparian environment.
  • A temperature control pool of 100,000 acre-feet, 10% of Pine Flat Reservoir's storage, as a means of protecting the trout fishery.
  • A doubling of minimum water releases from Pine Flat Dam at times when there is little or no irrigation demand and even greater increases in minimum flows under certain conditions in above-average water years.
  • $100,000 in annual funding by KRWA and the Kings River Conservation District for Fishery Management Program activities and projects.
  • Cooperation with other agencies in developing habitat enhancement projects.
  • Improved fishing access, supplemental trout stocking, enhanced enforcement of existing fish and game regulations, consideration of new regulations, public awareness and education activities, and creation of a monitoring program.

KRCD Fisheries Management Program


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